Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Reasons We Love Conspiracy Theories

  1. We want to believe someone else is to blame for everything bad in our lives.

    It's someone else's fault. We want to be victims because it's easier than taking responsibility for our own actions. We want to believe there's a Them so we can continue avoiding changing Us. You already know how I feel about this mindset.

  2. The conspiracy is actually true... and we don't want to be the last person to know about it.

    At PodCamp Nashville yesterday I heard the term FOMO which is perfect: the Fear Of Missing Out. I've been thinking about this (and conspiracy theories in general) lately because last week my older brother sent some info my way about chemtrails. I did some reading and thought it was really interesting but inconclusive. Then on Friday, on our way back from Georgia to visit our sys admin and our visiting Russian developer, I saw some things in the sky that totally freaked me out. It reminded me of sky writers the way it turned on and off so quickly. I watched the planes create the first two lines and snapped this photo as a third was being created.
    There were planes all over the place and it looked so much like they were dumping something... It was freaky. As they say in X-Files, maybe I just wanted to believe?

  3. We have this deep, unsettling feeling that something simply isn't right with reality as we know it.

    I probably fall into this category more than any other because of my world view. The Matrix, Inception, Dark City, and The Thirteenth Floor are among my favorite movies. I feel like we all need to "wake up," take the red pill, and embrace the true reality of eternity with (or separate from) our Creator. I'm talking about the restoration of creation since the fall of man through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I think there is an ultimate conspiracy going on at this very moment to blind us from the truth which is why every other conspiracy we hear has a familiar feel to it. You may completely disgree or have a different world view altogether and that's OK, we can still be friends.

What are some of your favorite conspiracy theories?
Why do you like them?


Jacques said...

I love conspiracy theories and fully understand your point here. Since I can remember, I've always had this feeling that this "reality" was only temporary and that one day we'll know what is real. And as I've continued to learn, see the coincidences of similarities in none related topics, histories and theories, it all keeps reminding me that we are missing something.

Luke Stokes said...

The truth is out there... :)

Thanks for posting, Jacques.

Michael Garland said...

Great post, Luke! I enjoy a great conspiracy because of the mystery. Being from Dallas, my favorite one to discuss is probably the JFK assassination.

BTW, I love that you included The Thirteenth Floor in your list of movies. It's one of my favorite movies and usually gets left out of conversations that include The Matrix.

Luke Stokes said...

Thanks for commenting, Michael! Ah yes... JFK. That one has us all intrigued, including Hollywood.

Yeah, I feel 13th Floor is definitely under-rated. I need to see it again as it's been a while.

Tod Stokes said...

I like consipiracies because they are all around us. I just sat in on the manager's conspiracy to review the items pending for the week. The mechanics have conspired to change my rear tires here at firestone in an attempt to trade their parts and labor for my money. I watched multiple small explosions mechanically conspire to bring down building 7 where the records were kept. Even our emancipated voters conspire to elect representatives who will conspire with other representatives to pass laws we like. My guess is that there are people conspiring to pass laws we don't like too. Board members conspiring to sell us things that might hurt us or lose their jobs. Seed sellers conspiring to sell seeds that keep buyers coming back each year. Even bankers and stock brokers conspiring on the value and cost of our money, our goods, and our lives. Keep your eye on the sky.

If the Lord did not shorten the day, even the elect would have fallen away.

Luke Stokes said...

Great comment, cousin. Lots to digest here...

As for "Chem-trails and HAARP effects are real and undeniable", do you have any scientific evidence you can point to? I'm particularly interested in understanding how normal contrails are formed and why what we're seeing is obviously not a contrail. I asked a pilot friend and he said this:

"My understanding is that contrails are formed based upon the prevailing atmospheric conditions. Typically the air needs to be very cold and I thing very thin. Nothing about that looked very suspicious to me...why are clouds different shapes? Why aren't they all round?"

I haven't seen a really good description of how contrails are formed which I think is an important part of the discussion. If we're seeing something that scientifically can't be explained by contrails, then chemtrails seem a little more feasible, imo. Until then, are we all just getting worked up over something that is just an interesting atmospheric phenomenon? Just because people though the gods were angry when they heard thunder, didn't make them right.

Now, on to the financial conspiracies... yeah, we could go on forever with those. It's sadly true how much debt is used to enslave people. I worked for Dave Ramsey for almost four years because I have a deep passion to help people get out of debt. If countries and companies are working overtime to keep people enslaved, that is a tragedy and we should do what we can to shed light on it and stop it. An interesting Hollywood take on this idea of debt used to control third world countries is the movie The International. You might like it:

Also, it has one of the coolest gun fight scenes ever.

Thanks for posting. :)