Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What's your excuse?

Last night my wife and I had Philip Smethurtst, the founder and president of Overland Missions, over for dinner. It was the culmination of something that's been brewing in my heart for months. I've been meeting with world changers like Philip for the past couple months and it's changing my world view.

I've spoken at length with Jared Miller, the founder of Sisters of Rwanda and Keza. I've watched Travis Gravette and David Cahill at Global Support Mission literally create a movement of compassion to wipe out hunger, disease and extreme poverty. They are actually doing it. Their first fiscal year showed less than 8% of their revenue going towards salaries. These guys and gals are insane. If you heard their stories, you would be too.

We live so comfortably in this country, almost in little bubbles, protected from the harsh reality around us. We put in our time at work, come home to our wives, children and friends and pretend everything is ok. We're doing "our thing", living the American dream, pretending nothing is wrong.

Each day we live this lie, go to sleep and repeat it again the next day.

Spend an hour with anyone like Philip, Jared or Travis and the truth becomes too intense to continue living the lie. As you hear their stories you have no choice but to act.

All your excuses fall apart.

We need to get involved. I'm currently working on my debt snowball and don't have the millions (yet) to really make a difference but I do have something else. Something that might be more important than money. I have experience with technology, office infrastructure and web development and I have a passion to make a difference in the world. In Philip's own words, I have the ability to shape the future of missions work. They need our help.

I don't know where it's going to go or how it's going to get there, but I'm believing God to create a group of IT developers who care more about others than themselves. A group of people that will come home after work and then continue working to make a difference.

A group of people with no excuses.

Want to join me?