Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just got back from Ermin's second wedding

So my friend Jon told me about the blog reaper and I figured I better get to posting.

So... about the wedding...

This afternoon Corinne and I attended my good friend Ermin's wedding. We were officially the cord sponsors and it was truly a blessing to attend. This was their second wedding because the first one took place in the Philippines. Corinne and I had tickets to fly out there and be part of it, but that's when my mom got sick and I had to stay in the country to be there for her.

It was great to share this time with them and be reminded of how blessed we all are. Ermin and I talked about his family back in the Philippines, how hard he has worked to support them over the years and how blessed he is to be here. I was reminded how selfish we Americans can be... how we take everything for granted. Having a home, a car, food on the table... Things people in other countries wouldn't even dare to dream for.

We are truly, truly blessed. I don't ever want to forget that.

Here's a shot you don't often see at a wedding. Since I stayed around to pick up chairs, I was able to snap this classic moment:

That little piece of paper makes it official. :)