Friday, March 02, 2012

Things that Made My Week Awesome

Since I like John Morgan's view that self-promotion isn't about you but what you do for others, and because these are the things we'd talk about if we had coffee together, here are a few things that made my week exciting.

It started off by getting published over at PHP Architect magazine. They asked me to blog about our choice to use REST instead of SOAP for our FoxyCart API rebuild. I've been so stoked to see how many people have shared this post on Twitter: What Will Power the Future of the Internet: REST or SOAP? I hope you enjoy it also.

Right on the heels of that, my friend Cal Evans published our recent interview for the Voices of the ElePHPant podcast where we talked about PCI compliance, PHP and REST. Speaking of REST, big thanks to those that read my last post on RESTful Resources Required Reading. In a matter of days, it jumped to the top five most popular posts on this blog. I guess I should get a little more technical now and again.

Next, I'm super excited about the opportunity to speak at this year's tek'12 conference in Chicago on May 24th. I'll be talking about our journey from a plain old XML API to a Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State API. Basically that means from old and busted to the new hotness. If you're going, I hope you can attend my session and say hello.

So there you have it! My hope is that something here meets your needs and answers your questions. There's no point in writing or speaking if it doesn't benefit someone other than the author/speaker.

If you're involved in the Nashville tech community, you might notice a common thread in the above links. That thread, of course, is Cal Evans. He's involved in so many things (there's still time to sign up for tomorrow's Day Camp 4 Developers!) and is always promoting others. Without his encouragement (and prodding at times), I wouldn't have been involved in any of these things. Thank you Cal, I really appreciate it.

If you build websites or need to hire people that build websites, please do the planet a favor and read Avoiding a Goat Rodeo which I've talked about before on the FoxyCart blog.

And finally, there's no way I could talk about how great my week was without mentioning the weather yesterday. I love spring!

I snapped this picture on my way back from a lunch appointment yesterday because I just had to stop at Crockett Park and play some disc golf. Do you play? As the weather gets better, I really hope to get out there more often. I really have no excuse, other than I enjoy working too much.

Hit me up on Twitter if you're in Nashville and would like to play some time. I'm not very good, but I hope to get better. I'd love to see disc golf become the game of choice for my generation's CEOs. Can't beat free, right?

I hope you had an awesome week as well. Please leave some comments below to some links you're excited about so we can celebrate with you.

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