Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Billy... Joel?

(mobile blog)
So my good buddy Ermin apparently won some tickets to a concert tonight. Being the devoted choir member he is, not wanting to miss a practice, he gave us the tickets. I think I would have sold them on Ebay personally...

So anyway, here's a shot of the arena and my first concert at the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Hopefully it'll be a good one.

Thanks Ermin!


brett said...

I'm your first comment.
I'm totally awesome.

Skywalker said...

Yes my friend... yes you are.

Fii said...

Hi Luke! How did the concert go?

Thanks for dropping by our blog. Glad you liked James' post on shopping. He's a really funny blogger whenever he gets around to actually writing.

We actually know each other at a "professional" level - from the google group you created for MPD administrators around the world. Only I just realised I never told the group that I'm no longer working in the EN Melbourne office anymore.

Will you be at World Conference? I'm looking forward to meeting EN people there that I only know by email or phone. :)

Fii said...

P.S. love the blog name!

Skywalker said...

Thanks Fii!

Yeah, I thought of that as well. I was like... wait a minute! I know her! Too funny.

The world really is a small place. I love your guys' blog, I've got it in my google reader.

Yes on both questions, the concert was great (who doesn't love the piano man?) and we will be coming to the conference. I'm REALLY looking forward to it. One, because I've never been to the Philippines and two, because the guy who gave me these tickets is going to let me be his best man in the wedding taking place right after the conference :)

Fii said...

Hi Luke,

It seems funny to write so much in a comment, but here goes:

If you're going to be at conference, cool! If you're up for it, we should hook up in Manila - it would be awesome to meet you in person after so much group email correspondence over MPD-type things.

Also, based on the comments you are leaving on The Snarchives, it seems to me like you and James have some stuff in common. You know, important stuff like the poker/cards thing ~ I definitely speak for James when I say that he'd be very interested in the E-vite poker thingy you mentioned.

However, there is one pretty major thing you definitely don't have in common - you are a computer techie-know-all-about-that-stuff sort of person, whereas James is massively computer-and-anything-technology illiterate (as evidenced by this post). He's gotten much better as of late, even to the point of being able to use Google Reader and edit his own MySpace style sheets every now and then. :)


P.S. is your friend getting married in the Philippines?