Monday, August 06, 2012

Curious About Curiosity

When shuttles tragically fail, Hubble can't take pictures, or missions don't go to plan, I hear friends talking about how we should redirect NASA funding to feed the hungry.

With the success of Curiosity's landing last night, now I hear calls to increase their funding.

I guess we Americans just want to celebrate success.

Don't forget, failures always line the path to great accomplishments.

As for my opinion, I don't think we would have been given such a big backyard if we weren't meant to explore it. I believe these moments will mark the timeline of humanity while many other things will be long forgotten.

What's your opinion?


Adam Auden said...

I think that NASA receives an amount of examination disproportionate to its share of the federal budget. Sad, really. What could we do if we'd maintained the funding levels of the 60s?

Luke Stokes said...

But how would we do that with all the wars we want to fight?

Sorry... I should probably just leave that topic alone.

I agree, it's sad. I'm hoping this country will raise up leaders who will actually lead and not just placate the masses. Rome already showed us what happens with that approach.

Ben Ramsey said...

Reality TV is our new gladiatorial games.